Claimed by the Dragons


Three Xhakan Dragons. Her soul bound to all three. Oh boy.

Drusilla is a survivor. Her driving force? Revenge.

Revenge on her father, the Djall King, who abandoned her and her human mother. Who left her mother to die.

The one problem? Valkronis, the homeworld to both the horned Djall and the impressive Xhakan warriors, is on the other side of the universe.

It’s unreachable — until she meets three gorgeous Xhakan princes.

Kolos, Ragnar, Aksel.

Ragnar’s sister Emla has been kidnapped by the Djall King, and the only way to get her back is with a trade.

His mate for his sister.

An impossible choice to make. He turns to the Celestial Mates Dating Agency, and that’s when Drusilla makes her move. All she has to do is hack the system, match herself up with the Xhakan warrior, pretend to bond with him, and she’ll have her ticket to the Djall King’s doorstep.

Her plan works. A bit too well, in fact. The Celestial Mates select her, but not just for Ragnar. No, they say she’s a soul-match for all three Xhakans.

And ‘pretending’ soon gives way to white-hot desire, as she discovers how absolutely perfect the three gorgeous Xhakan warriors are.

Will she be able to forget about her plans of revenge and surrender her heart to the three Xhakan Dragons? Will the Xhakans be able to free Emla without having to surrender their mate?

Or will the Djall King destroy all they hold dear?

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