A chance encounter with a dominant alien warlord turns Victoria's world upside down.

It was supposed to be a routine flight. Circle Earth and be back home in time for dinner. Easy peasy for astronaut Victoria Snow. 

Until Nero Octavius shows up. The powerful alien warrior boards her ship, and from that point on nothing will ever be the same again. With his smoldering eyes and rippling muscles, the headstrong alien is hard to resist, try as Victoria might.

Nero is a wanted man, harboring a dark secret. Everyone he gets close to is in permanent danger. He won't allow anyone into his life... but he makes an exception for the curvy human female. She awakens something inside him, a power greater than he knew existed... 

Will it be the end for them both?

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Romulus has the body of a Greek God.
The rough, domineering hands of a brute.
And the wicked, dirty mind of an animal. 

He's everything I hate. 

So why do I crave him?

Alexa Oakley's life is neat and organized. She studies, teaches and works on her PhD. That's it. There's no room for men in her life -- not after the incident. She's mere months away from finishing her thesis when her conceited supervisor assigns her an unusual task. Refusing it means losing her PhD, losing everything she worked so hard for, so she has no other choice than to accept...

Her test subject? The tall, brooding, dominant alien general.
The location? His alien ship. 

Alexa has to interview the alien warrior. The moment she sees his broad, perfect frame, she was nothing more than to turn and run from the strange feelings taking hold of her -- but she can't. She's locked up in a ship with Romulus, a growly alien warrior, for better or for worse...

Can she resist him? 

Or will she give into temptation?

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